Latest Projects:


Monitoring / measurement system using PIC microcontrollers and RS485 bus for transverters and other equipment.

VHF PLL VCO: LO locking for my Microwave transverters

Frequency Standards A good frequency reference is the fundament for various VCO and PLL projects

Microwave: 1296MHZ SSPA. 1296 and 2320MHz PLL VCO's. 10GHz and 24GHz beacon. Added: Wavelab-24GHz transverter

SDR: Experiments using a RTL DVB-T dongle and Funcube dongle pro+

Miscellaneous Projects: various small (PCB) projects, just to name some:

  • Splitter / diplexer for Transceiver - SDR-receiver
  • AD8319 Log detector for power meter
  • PCB for ADL5902 ThruPower detector 50MHz-9GHz
  • Power MOSFET voltage regulator / switch
  • Universal PIC16F886 controller board 

And more...  Please use the pulldown menus to navigate to the separate projects pages for more information!

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