For Sale

Some items I have for sale:

  • 8251NBird 8251N Termaline RF Load 1 KW
    DC-2500 MHz 50 Ω 1 KW RF Load (Used, but in good condition)

    Supplied with QC Female N-connector

    Price: € 500.00 ex shipping







  • Telegartner N-connector (image is not 100% exact like the one i'm selling)

    Telegärtner Male N-connectors, for 1/2inch flex coax cable. New in sealed bag

    Heavy duty silver plated N-connectors, brand new in sealed plastic bag. with mounting instructions.

    product nr J01020A0070

    6 pieces available

    Price: € 10,- each, ex shipping.


  • Radio Systems RS9044 base station unit


    Ex NMT / ATF2 (UHF) mobile cellular phone base station

    Unmodified, suitable to convert to Amateur-radio 70cm (430-440MHz), e.g. for use as a 70cm FM relais station, 25-50W output, very good frontend with high IP3.

    Price: € 50,- each, ex shipping. Not shipping outside the Netherlands due to high cost.

  • RS460Radio Systems RS460 UHF Cavity Bandpass Filter unit

    Simple to tune into 430-440MHz by adding a short (50mm) piece of brass piping, dia 10mm, to the plunger.

    -3dB bandwidth: 200kHz-10dB bandwidth: 500kHz-20dB bandwidth: 2MHz-30dB bandwidth: 9MHzInsertion loss: < 0,3dB


    Price: € 25,- each, ex shipping. (preferrably these units can be collected at my home QTH, as these filters are quite large and heavy. Not shipping outside the Netherlands.

  • 4cx250bEimac 7203 4CX250B Power tetrode tubes - N.O.S.

    New Old Stock, in original box, never used.

    Only 2 pieces available!

    Price: € 75,- each , or € 120,- for 2 pieces. (Price is excl. shipping).


If you are interested in any of the listed items, please don't hesitate to contact me for further details.
Prices are only an indication, I'm open to any reasonable offers! 


Ailtech Tracking Generator 70727

2  x TIM1011-8F  or  TIM0910-8F Power GaAs-FETs

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